Monday, January 6, 2020

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!!! 🎈✨

I'm so thankful for all that has happened and that is yet to come. In the past, I hated my birthday because it was at the beginning of the year. Now, I absolutely love my birthday for the exact reason I once hated it. It's the beginning of the year! I get to start the new year, a year older and ready to take on a new chapter in my life.

When it comes to 2019, there were good and bad times. But I'm thankful for it all. I learned a lot about myself.

Here's a recap of 2019:
- Watched so many awesome movies and even had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people I've admired for years.
- I traveled A LOT. And although they were work trips, I still had a blast.
- Made life long friends who are genuinely kind, passionate and supportive.
- Quit my day job, and my passion became my career.

This year for my birthday, I'd like to share 33 goals I'd like to accomplish while I'm 33. The list is a bit out of order, but that's what makes it authentic! 🙂

1. Consistently post here on
2. Start doing YouTube videos again
3. Work with my favorite movie studios
          - Putting this out into the universe 🙌🏾
4. Show my creativity more
5. Stop being so serious; embrace my goofiness
6. Watch *at least* five new movies a month
7. Post more on Instagram.
8. Read one book a month
9. Workout consistently
10. Write one new short screenplay once a month 
11. Watch the sunrise more
12. Travel outside of the country
13. Read one book a month
14. Trust my intuition more
15. Go to a concert
16. Visit family
17. Attend an entertainment award show
18. Get styled by Olivier Rousteing
19. Take more weekend trips
20. Share my movies with the world more
21. Shop more 👀
22. Attend movie screenings
23. Work with Greg Nicotero
24. Revamp my wardrobe
25. AKIRA sponsors me
        - My favorite store!
26. Let go of the past
27. Cut dairy out of my life
28. Accept more challenges
29. Attend more film festivals
30. Trip to New Orleans
31. Continue to speak my mind
32. Be more easy on myself
33. Stay active

Here’s to an awesome year with endless opportunities! 
Happy New Year!

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