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Jess Franco’s Top Five Sleaziest Horror Films

This week I have opted to showcase Jess Franco’s Top Five Sleaziest Horror Films!
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Jesús Franco was the prolific director of a series of sexploitation horror films. Owning the title of master of sleaze is quite an achievement! It always seemed that Franco had a fetish for graphic violence, beautiful photography and female nudity. Because of this, he was able to make over 150 films depicting explicit, erotic, violent imagery. Although many of his films were completely tasteless, they were nonetheless entertaining.

Barbed Wire Dolls (1975)
In this women’s prison tale, a woman named Maria is thrown into jail after murdering her father when he tried to rape her. Once in jail, the clichés abound: A masculine, cruel warden, excessive lesbianism, nudity, a male doctor who may be able to save Maria, and a hysterical inmate. The sleaze in this film is outrageous, depicting but not limited to masturbation with a cigarette and extreme close ups of rape scenes. The film is never boring, just a bit hard to watch at times.

Female Vampire (1973)
A mute, beautiful young woman walks around, wears a cape and gives strangers blow jobs because that’s how she captures their life energy. Ridiculous, I know. From the title I was expecting, I don’t know, a vampire flick? But I was wrong. The plot for this one is largely detached and Female Vampire really seems like more of a soft core porn. The majority of the film sees this ‘female vampire’ literally sucking the life from men’s genitals. The film was pointless to me; however, if you enjoy watching naked women, this one is definitely up your alley.

Voodoo Passion (1977)
A woman named Susan arrives in Haiti to live with her husband, who lives with a lesbian housekeeper who is always naked and just so happens to be a nymphomaniac. When Susan first meets this housekeeper, she’s introduced to her as Jack’s sister. Why? No clue. After that, Susan begins to have nightmares about brutal murders and voodoo ceremonies. I’m sure you can imagine what happens from there.

Sadomania (1981)
This is another women’s prison film with another heartless warden. A newlywed couple parks their car so they can fondle each other, but it just so happens to be on private property. The two are caught and taken to a women’s prison. The husband is released but his wife is out of luck. She is arrested and compelled to some hard labor, the majority of that labor involves being sexually abused by the ruthless, female warden, the governor, and his wife.

I’m unsure what Franco was trying to do with this one. There are some horror elements, however there’s more sleaze. In one particular scene, a man has sex with his wife while watching another women being raped by a dog. Yes, a dog. And of course it wouldn’t be a Jesús Franco film if women weren’t tied up with chains!

Lorna the Exorcist (1974)
There’s a woman named Lorna who is tormenting her ex-lover. This film doesn’t have anything to do with exorcism, but it is all about possession. The atmosphere in this flick is completely hypnotizing; however, it’s filled with obscenity. It is banned in several countries due to the fact that it has small black crabs crawling out of a woman’s vagina. I could elaborate more on why it’s banned, but I’ll just stop right there.

Will I watch any of these movies again? Of course not.

Have you checked out any of Jesse Franco's movies? If so, which is your favorite?

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