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5 Horror Movies For Kids Streaming On Tubi TV

Magical memories ignite whenever we re-watch horror films from our childhood. What you remember about the naive you or learn about an adult friend's past tends to spark great conversations. Tubi TV has been the source of these conversations way too much lately. Therefore, I created a top 5 Horror Movies For Kids Steaming On Tubi TV list!

Everyone knows that I'm obsessed with horror movies and have been since my lovely diaper days! With that being stated, allow me to enhance your children or someone else's children with awesome horror!

My three nephews (ages nine to fourteen) visited from Texas for the whole week of Thanksgiving. Truth be told, I never know what to do with little kids since I'm not a parent to humans, only a cat. Luckily, I discovered Tubi TV two weeks before they arrived and I was very much prepared!  My nephews prefer to watch movies and television series they're familiar with. Their good ol' Aunt Zena could have taken the easy route out and just let them pick their own movies, but I love recruiting new horror fans. I knew this wouldn't be an easy job to take on because my nephews have short attention spans, but I had to give it a shot! These boys inspect Netflix on a daily and I'm happy I discovered Tubi TV because not only is it a free streaming service, but they offer some fresh options. There are movies and television series I haven't seen in years, but I'll get to that later!
With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas right around the corner, I'm ready to help you plan ahead with the list I created of 5 Horror Movies For Kids Streaming On Tubi TV! If you're like me and want to introduce your kids or other fresh, little humans to the best kid horror movies, take a look at the list below of the awesomeness streaming on Tubi TV.

Ultimately it's your call as to what is appropriate to show your kids, 
I'm simply providing my top 5 on Tubi TV!

Believe (2000) 
Directed by Robert Tinnell

After being continually kicked out of boarding schools, Ben is sent to live with his strict grandfather in a small town. The only person that seems to take any interest in him is Katherine. The struggle of being in a new town with only one friend should be enough for a good plot; however, the two soon find themselves working together to help a ghost that holds the connection between their families. Throughout an intense sequence of events, Ben and Katherine discover that sometimes all you need to help someone is to believe. 

Believe has a great message and involves a spooky ghost! Enough said!


Dolls (1987)
Directed by Stuart Gordon

A young girl named Judy Bower is spending the summer with her verbally abusive father and arrogant stepmother Rosemary. With a heartless storm above, their car breaks down in the woods. The road is isolated and the family is forced to seek shelter. While walking, Rosemary throws Judy's beloved teddy bear into the darkness. Shocked and angry, Judy allows her imagination to come to life. She pictures her teddy bear transform into a large, fanged beast. I won't give the rest of this part away. I'll just continue with saying that the trio finds shelter at a creepy old house, owned by Gabriel the doll-maker and his wife Hilary. Another car breaks down during the storm, introducing Ralph and two sleazy hitchhikers he picked up. What they all don't know is that the dolls are alive and want to protect Judy!

Dolls is perfect for kids because it captures the idea of loyal toys protecting their budding owners! 


Little Monsters (1989)
Directed by Richard Greenberg

While his parents are fighting and his little brother is scared out of his mind, a lonely eleven-year-old named Brian makes an unusual new friend named Maurice, the wicked monster who lives under his bed. With the help of Maurice, Brian discovers an exciting new world where mythical creatures  exist.

Little Monsters shows real problems kids and adults endure and definitely has a great message. This film is witty, suspenseful and creepy. 


 The Gate (1987) 
Directed by Tibor Takács

With mom and dad away for the weekend, siblings Al and Glenn are home alone. Al throws a party, while her younger brother Glenn and his best friend Terry explore a hole left by a recent tree removal in Glenn's suburban backyard. Soon, with the secrets hidden in Terry's heavy-metal music collection, the three discover that a gateway to hell has accidentally been opened.

The Gate may be the scariest one on the list due to the fact that these kids are left home alone without any adult supervision. This leads to them unleashing a gang of malicious, pint-sized demons from a cryptic hole in their backyard.


 Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework (1997)
Directed by Stephen Williams

Thirteen-year-old Jesse is a typical pre-teen who thinks he knows it all. He hates going to school but especially hates his teacher, Mrs. Fink. One day, he visits a vintage shop and sees a doll that looks exactly like Mrs. Fink. It wasn't for sale, but he convinces the store owner to sell him the doll anyway. Later on, Jesse accidentally cuts the doll's arm with a sewing needle and the next day Jesse is shocked to see Mrs. Fink with her arm in a sling.  Jesse's worst fears are confirmed when the doll crawls out of his backpack and speaks to him. He throws the doll away, but it turns up in his room again. Jesse is desperate for help and is soon informed that the doll is using Mrs. Fink's vitality to keep itself alive. I'm glad to see that this movie is streaming on Tubi TV, I haven't watch it in years because I was unable to find it. I used to be obsessed with this movie when I was kid. 

Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework is the second film based on a Shadow Zone book. Shadow Zone is a series of 13 children's horror fiction books written in the 1990s by several authors using the pen name J. R. BlackShadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework is a creepy voodoo tale that has a great message about negativity and the simple hope that being an organized, focused student could keep you and others alive.

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