Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Death-Scort Service is a Fun Provocative Slasher

This film is definitely not for everyone, especially not the ones who are easily offended!

Have you ever watched a slasher and found that you're extremely bored because 15 minutes into the film you already know who the killer is? Yeah, well that happened to me, but NOT with Sean Donohue's gory slasher Death-Scort Service!

We meet our main girl Michelle along with some of her friends who are all in the escort business, living in the city of Las Vegas. On a daily, these ladies receive calls from a "John", who is looking for sexy company. They all seem to have a set routine and there's times where the money flows in and other times where it doesn't. One night, things take a sinister turn when one of Michelle's fellow escorts goes missing without a trace. Overtime, Michelle realizes someone is plucking her friends one by one.

The mysterious killer manages to reel in the victims by posing as client looking for a good time and willing to pay the ladies financially. Unfortunately for the ladies, they walk right into the cryptic killers ambush and are murdered in cruel ways. After the unidentified murderer massacres, the murderer takes a memento. When Michelle realizes all of her friends are m.i.a.; she, along with her friend Gwen, try to uncover who the killer is. Of course, the killer isn't going down without a fight. He is ready to capture his next two victims. Will Michelle and Gwen make it out alive? Or will the merciless murderer's appetite for slaughter be satisfied?   

As you can see the synopsis is simple. Someone is brutally murdering prostitutes in Las Vegas. Death-Scort Service isn't specifically deep on plot, and honestly, it's not necessary. This film delivers so much in 79 minutes than most slashers. There's plenty of blood, gore and pure entertainment. The kills are extremely bloody and violent. One of the worst and most detailed is one of the victims gets a barbed wire bat shoved up her genitalia. That death scene really made me cringe, but I couldn't help continue watching. In spite of not fully knowing what I would get from this, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed this film for a number of reasons, but I'll stick with my top three. One, the grittiness of the film fit perfectly and even reminded me of a giallo. Two, the gore throughout the movie was done well. Third, the reveal of the killer is an unexpected twist! While watching the movie, I tried guessing who the killer was but was wrong every time.

Overall, I enjoyed Death-Scort Service and felt like my money was well spent. Death-Scort Service is a sleazy, provocative slasher that conveys a fun, deranged movie. Since I own the film, I can definitely see myself re-watching it whenever I'm in the mood for something fun. I stated this in my Chaos A.D. review; truthfully movies this sleazy and vicious isn't my cup tea; however, I was captivated. I'd recommend this movie to lovers of low-budget independent slashers that enjoy plenty of carnage and merciless violence. I'm really looking forward to checking out Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead.

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 3 out 5 queen skulls!

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