Monday, October 17, 2016

FILM -- Something Wicked

While watching Darin Scott's Something Wicked I found myself asking "Is it all really happening or is it all just in her head?"

I wasn’t too familiar with Something Wicked other than that it was Brittany Murphy‘s last film. Before watching this flick, I decided to switch it up a bit and not watch the trailer but read a few reviews. The majority of the critiques I ran into were negative, so going in to the film I had completely low expectations. By the time everything was said and done…aren’t you curious as to how I felt over all?

The film stars Shantel VanSanten, John Robinson, Julian Morris and the late, beautiful Brittany Murphy. Ms. VanSanten plays the role of Christine, a beautiful, overjoyed young woman with the world practically at her feet. She has just graduated from high school and has been accepted to a big University, making her parents and her boyfriend James proud. They celebrate with an all out get together dinner celebration. After Christine’s parents give her a gift she’s always wanted, James, being the wonderful boyfriend he is, asks Christine’s parents for permission to marry their daughter.
Unfortunately, Christine’s mother is extra snooty and simply feels that he isn’t quite good enough for her daughter. Christine’s mom has no boundaries to getting her point across as she attacks her husband by stating he always regretted not obtaining a college degree. Basically, no matter how nicely her parents put it, they don’t want their daughter marrying a man like James; A man with no college degree. Christine’s dad asks James to drive the family home since they were all tipsy, including their underage daughter whom they let slurp down red wine. On their way home, they are struck by a train at a railroad crossing. And Christine’s dear parents die.

A year passes and introduces us to healthy and happily engaged Christine and James. Christine now lives with her stiff faced brother John and her sister-in-law Susan (Brittany Murphy). As James and Christine’s big day approaches, creepy things begin happening. For starters, Christine is being stalked by a mysterious person in a plastic mask. Other weird things occur like Christine deciding to go swimming at night with a skimpy bikini on. Not strange? Ok, maybe not. But when she’s swimming at night in the pool while no one is around, a strange figure materializes to admire her. She is even chased around a dark gym and forced to drive home in a towel. From then on, lights flicker on and off around her, appearances of her dead parents scream at her, and even cryptic Shakespeare quotes appear in blood on mirrors. Christine is scared for her life, but Susan, a psychologist, insists that she’s suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the loss of her parents. With Christine’s wedding approaching, a time where she is supposed to feel joy, she instead feels pain and fear. So, is someone or something really stalking Christine or is she just a looney?

Overall, I really enjoyed this film and didn’t feel it was nearly as horrible as some of the reviews I came across. I absolutely loved being surprised, especially with plenty of suspense and gore. High five to the awesome director Darin Scott! Throughout the film, I found myself guessing until the very end. Christine’s character is not the typical damsel in distress, she’s somewhat complex. Brittany Murphy was pretty intense in this film, even though majority of the time she had raccoon eyes due to her mascara. The rest of the characters held their own as well. Even though this film was completed in 2011, it was released just last year, which is strange. Anyway, I recommend giving this film a chance.

If my review doesn’t fully convince you, then at least watch this film knowing that it was reportedly based on actual events!

3 out 5 queen skulls!

Still not sure if you want to watch SOMETHING WICKED? Check out the trailer below!

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