Thursday, September 15, 2016

FILM -- Hellions

A horror film that takes place on Halloween. Will this be awesome?
Hellions is a Halloween film that captures the essence of Fall with its bright colors, creepy costumes and something hiding out in the shadows. The films introduces us to Dora, a 17 year old girl who has recently learned she’s pregnant by her boyfriend Jace. Dora is completely terrified of telling both her mother and Jace, but decides to come clean. It’s Halloween night and she’s waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up so they can attend a local party. Simply knowing Dora is home alone on Halloween, as horror fans we know things are about to become a disaster! For another take on this title, check out Joey Keogh’s review here.

While Dora is waiting for Jace, a trick-or-treater knocks on the door. She gives candy to weird little kid. Things soon get a bit more intense as more trick-or-treaters begin to arrive at Dora’s house. But she quickly learns they are not there for the candy! These mysterious trick-or-treaters begin to terrorize her. Each one that arrives at her door is wearing a unique Halloween custom.

I really enjoyed the first 20 minutes of this film. Unfortunately, after that, things start to turn stale and I didn’t enjoy it as much after that point. The director, Bruce McDonald, may be a bit rusty since the last horror film he did was Pontypool. One of the major issues I had with this film was the washed out colors while Dora is going through her nightmare. As a viewer, it was a major distraction and a letdown since the beginning of the film seemed so promising.

The first act was filled with vibrant colors, creating a sense of Halloween. But once the color palette changes the film becomes boring. It felt as though the director was trying too hard to be different. The ending was a let down as well. There was major build up that really did not pay off whatsoever. On a more positive not, the acting in the film is great, even after things go off the rails aesthetically. Chloe Rose who plays Dora does an amazing job. Bruce McDonald succeeded in creating an amazing world that could have been explored but wasn’t. There are some disturbing scenes throughout, but the promise of the first act is never recaptured.

Overall, I felt let down. Hellions is completely creepy at times and tries to take the genre in a new direction but it doesn’t quite succeed.

2 out 5 queen skulls!

Still not sure if you want to watch HELLIONS? Check out the trailer below!

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