Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Upcoming Horror - Curse of Mesopotamia

A horror film filled with history and gore? Yes, please!

Curse of Mesopotamia released date is unknown at the moment, however we will keep updated.

SYNOPSIS: Five strangers are brought together with only one thing in common, nightly visits by a demon in a nightmare so disturbing it has affected their everyday lives.

When their common Psychiatrist suggests group therapy in a location similar to the place they keep seeing in their daily nightmare, US Army Soldier and divorced Father John is not keen to the idea. When John realizes that his little daughter has started to suffer from the same night terrors, he joins the Psychiatrist and the other patients on the trip to Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. 

Once at the old castle, dream and reality start to become one. John soon realizes that their arrival was not a coincidence. They are all reincarnations of key figures that played a role in 600B.C. during the revolution that made Kawa a hero and that created Newroz. The Demon has lured them back to change history and to stop Kawa. The brutal fight for survival starts, again.

What do you think about the trailer?

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