Tuesday, May 26, 2015

PODCAST -- Girls Will Be Ghouls

We're back with episode 3! YAAAY!!

Introduction:Ashlee says go forth and follow The 7 Magpies - The first all African American female written and directed horror anthology created by filmmaker L.C.Cruell (@Cruell) on Facebook, Twitter, and check out the website!

Horror List: Ashlee's & Zena's TOP Best Doll Horror Films!!

30 Horror Movies With Creepy Dolls
7 Famously Haunted Dolls That Will Ruin Your Life
Cinema’s Scariest Toys (Currently under construction!)
Zena also wrote a brief history of the Annabelle doll

Film Discussion: Gallowwalkers (2012)

Conclusion: Zena & Ashlee's Recent Watch Recommendations!!

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We hope you enjoyed our second episode, look out for our next episode next month!

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