Monday, March 16, 2015

Horror Recommendation -- Abby

This isn't a review! I just thought it would be cool if every now and then I started recommending horrors that people tend to forget or never seen. This week it's Abby! Especially for those who enjoy 70s, blaxploitation horrors!

Sure, there are some things in this film that's actually hilarious like the film poster, certain scenes and dialogue but it's definitely worth a watch.

GUISE, I have no idea why it took me so long to watch this one!

When I was only 30 minutes into the film and I couldn't peel my eyes away. It's insanity that this film was made back in '74 due to the direction of the film and the awesome dialogue! From start to the end I wasn't bored whatsoever.

The actors did an excellent job, especially Carol Speed who played Abby! I'm absolutely in love her now!

Abby was released in 1974, directed and written by William Girdler! It stars William Marshall, Terry CarterCarol Speed and Austin Stoker.

It's streaming on YouTube! Feel free to watch it!

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