Friday, November 14, 2014

FILM -- The Midnight Meat Train

Find out why you shouldn't take the midnight train...thank me later!

This film is based off Clive Barker’s short story entitled Midnight Meat Train and it was from the first volume of Mr. Barker’s Books of Blood Collection. I recently discovered that the distributing company Lionsgate was constantly pushing back the release date of this film. But that’s an entirely different story for a different time! The film revolves around a struggling photography named Leon who is too nosey for his own good and stumbles upon a mysterious man simply known as “the butcher“. Leon being an idiot insist on following around the butcher that he seems to be intrigued by and he uncovers a terrifying secret about the sinister butcher. I won’t tell you exactly what this butcher does however it involves the late night subway train.

This film will make people afraid to ride the subways at midnight, I know it had me feeling a certain way! The director Ryuhei Kitamura does an amazing job showing the terror throughout the film. There’s plenty of gore and guts for all those gore lovers out there. With the title "The Midnight Meat Train", I was already expecting the death scenes to be horrifying and definitely leads up to it. The film is visually stunning and the audience will witness many deaths that involve slit throats, bashed in faces, decapitations and more that will definitely make gasp at least once!

Something I absolutely loved about the film besides from the gore was the butcher’s emotionless face and manner which brought more of chilling tone to the film. I thought that Vinnie Jones, who played the butcher did an amazing job every time he was on screen, definitely perfect casting. Bradley Cooper who played Leon kind of fell flat for me, I didn’t really find his character believable. It’s not because I’m used to see him in comedic roles but simply I didn’t feel he was a good fit. Leon started off as a likable character who’s not making the right choices but after a while because of these choices I found myself not feeling sympathetic towards him or even his girlfriend, Maya.

From the beginning of the film it opens gruesome, after about 45 minutes the films slow down and drags a bit. The climax seems a bit too weak for me and there are somethings that just don’t connect. The film is raw and beyond but it sadly lacks. Which is very unfortunate when it has awesome kills and great tension. 

Overall, I recommend the film, you may or may not find it a bit dry.

3 out 5 queen skulls!

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