Monday, November 17, 2014

FILM -- Cannibal Girls

Three dead women who are hungry for human flesh! Yum, yum!

The film Cannibal Girls follows a man named Cliff and his brand new spankin’ girlfriend tender hearted Gloria. The couple is stranded in a snow infested town Farnhamville after their car breaks down. Unable to go anywhere, the two try to make the best of the situation and stay a local motel. The owner of the motel decides somewhere along the line to tell them of the old town legend about a trio of young, beautiful women who would lure men back to their home, seduce them, kill them and then simply eat their remains. However, she claimed it was a long time ago so the young women are no longer there. And now the house where these young women once stayed is now a popular restaurant that serves delicious food! I’m sure you can guess what occurs next! Of course Cliff and Gloria go to the restaurant! The couple is fascinated and beyond curious!

Once Cliff and Gloria arrives at the restaurant that is clearly still a house, not only are they the only customers but they are greeted by an oddball named Reverend Alex St. John. Reverend continues to tell the couple more gruesome tales of the three young cannibalistic women. There were so many strange things throughout that night but the two that stood out for me that would have had me bolting out the door! The first thing; there was only one thing on the menu. The final thing which was the last straw, there were three young, beautiful women who were the couples “waitresses”. Is that not a red flag? Anyway, the couple gobbles up their meal which they really enjoyed and decides to hang around for a bit despite the awkwardness. The Reverend suggest that the couple spend the night even though Gloria highly disagrees. We later find out that Gloria had a great reason to feel uncomfortable if the previous red flags weren’t enough!

While Cliff and Gloria are sleeping, the Reverend enters their bedroom with the three women from earlier. Cliff is chained to the bedpost while the Reverend attempts to hypnotize Gloria to kill stab her Cliff with a knife. Somehow Gloria manages to escape and hitches a ride with a doctor who promises to take care of her. When Gloria awakens, she is back in her motel room with Cliff and it’s as if their horrific night at the house was just a dream. But then as the day progresses she realizes what happened at the house was real!

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with Cannibal Girls, in fact I think I really disliked it. I wanted to see this film for a while now however it fell short! I adored the fictional town Farnhamville simply because it was a small, isolated town and it seemed if there were cannibals, they would live there! Cannibal Girls is a vintage Canadian B-cinema however I wouldn’t call it a cult classic. I can’t recommend this film, feel free to skip it!

2 out 5 queen skulls!

Enjoy the trailer!

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