Friday, April 4, 2014


I have to be honest here and let you all know that I'm a HUGE fan of 80s horror movies!

There is something about them that I'm completely drawn to! Perhaps it is the campiness of it that tickles my fancy! Or perhaps, in these 80s classic retro-cinema, just about anything can kill. Let's take it from Larry Cohen's film The Stuff! This is by far the only film that I know of with a killer ice cream, yogurt, creamy delight…whatever you want to call it!

The plot is pretty simple. A miner discovers a strange creamy substance oozing out of the ground and for some strange reason, he decides to taste it and finds out it's delicious. Why would he taste it? I have no idea! Would you have done something that ridiculous? Of course not. I'm not too sure what the director, Mr. Cohen, was thinking when he wrote that part, but ok! Anyhow, after a marketing company gets a hold of this white, creamy stuff, it brands it "The Stuff". This strange stuff, which no one knows where it comes from, cannot seem to stay on the shelves at the grocery stores! "The Stuff" pretty much replaces ice cream as a favorite treat to every household!

But when a young boy named Jason happens to see "The Stuff" moving in his family's refrigerator one late night, he starts to suspect that something is off about this mysterious treat. Of course, Jason tries to warn his family about "The Stuff" but his family doesn't believe him. Over time, Jason notices that his family acting bizarre the more they eat the treat. On the other hand, his family thinks Jason is acting strange since he doesn't eat "The Stuff"! It's like people are almost possessed! Yes, possessed by a dessert! A rival candy company that notices the strange behavior hires a private investigator, David "Mo" Rutherford, to discover the mystery behind this possession. His investigation will lead him to a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere. Isn't that where it almost always begins?

Overall, I LOVED "The Stuff". It's always been a favorite of mine! It is completely ridiculous, cheesy and so 80s! If you're one who can appreciate the creativity and glory of the 80s, this film will make your heart sing. This film is not meant to be taken seriously; this often times is where I feel people get confused and say "It was stupid!" Yes, it's a horror, but there are many comedic things in this film which were intentional! It's filled with hilarious, gory moments that will leave me wondering if that's even possible! If you're expecting nothing more than a fun cult classic, I say give this film a go! You will definitely be entertained!

4 out 5 queen skulls!

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