Monday, March 10, 2014

FILM -- Scorned

I recently checked out SCORNED and decided to do a review! Duh! It's a film focusing on a woman who catches her boyfriend cheating and now she wants revenge. Not the simple revenge but the violent, torturous kind!

When I first heard of this film, I knew it wasn't going to be unique in any way. I simply saw the film poster and I noticed at the bottom it had "Hell Hath No Fury". I'm sure we are all familiar with the quote: "Hell hath no fury like a woman SCORNED!". I know that was supposed to be the film's catchy tag line, but I instantly thought it was cheesy. With that being said, I watched the film to give it a fair chance, plus I really like AnnaLynne McCord and Billy Zane! But sadly, the two disappointed me!

Let's just dive right in! The film stars AnnaLynne McCord, who plays Sadie, a pill-popper with plenty of issues of her own, while her boyfriend Kevin (Billy Zane), doesn't notice. I suppose he doesn't notice since she's a pretty, sexy, unpredictable lady! The happy couple have decided to spend a romantic weekend together at Kevin's lake house. Sadie even thinks that Kevin may propose this weekend! Unfortunately, there's no marriage proposal. Instead, Sadie discovers numerous text messages on Kevin's phone from Jennifer. Completely broken up about this hot and steamy affair between the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with and her best friend, Sadie decides to get revenge from the two people who betrayed her. 

The discovery of the affair makes Sadie emotionally unstable, which I could see that since she took her cheating boyfriend and back stabbing best friend as prisoners to endure violent acts. These violent acts include being drugged repeatedly, electrocuted, crushing fingers, yanking teeth out and more.

As I stated earlier, I was disappointed in AnnaLynne McCord and Billy Zane, simply because I felt like they could have made it more believable for me since they both are usually super talented. AnnaLynne had a southern accent for some reason...I guess that was part of the script. Anyway, I couldn't take her serious nor did I take her as a joke since she would go through these violent acts that seem to get worse as the film continued. It seemed like she was only doing this film as a favor to a friend, while poor Billy Zane had nothing else to do. Clearly, I do not know the facts, I'm simply stating my opinion! Another thing, the story line was pretty cool but as the film went on, it felt as if it was dragging. It was entertaining seeing all the things Sadie would do to the two, but after a while, I wanted to see something new from it.

Before Sadie knew about the affair between her boyfriend and best friend, I noticed that Sadie clearly had mental issues so I was pretty excited to see what she had in store for the two! It was entertaining and simply terrible what she did to Kevin and Jennifer; yet, I felt like it could have been a lot worst and even better. This film had so much potential to be amazing but for some reason it didn't deliver for me. This film didn't have a big budget, but that's not what turned me off about it. They had two major stars who unfortunately played stereotypical characters and put them in a dry story line with potential.

Don't get me wrong, SCORNED is entertaining, but it seems like a film that was made specifically for the Lifetime channel. Though this does have horror elements and plenty of thrills to be in the thriller category, I think it deserves to be labeled a drama/thriller. My advice to those who may be married to a wild, sexy, unpredictable lady, try to see through that sexiness to see if you may have a psycho.

2 1/2 out 5 queen skulls!

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