Friday, March 21, 2014

FILM -- Saturday Morning Massacre

This film starts off with four paranormal investigators...

Nancy, Gwen, Chad, Floyd and their dog Hamlet. The group is investigating a supposedly haunted location because on arriving there’s blood dripping down the walls, demon creatures on the ceiling and more. Eventually they discover that it is all fake and instead it’s just a cover up for a child porn ring which they were able to bust. After the gang gets chewed out by the cops since they stole their case, the gang decides to meet up at a diner to discuss other options to get paid.

Just when the group is at a lost, Nancy aka Velma, gets a call from a banker who wants the group to come check out a location called ‘Kaiser house”. He said he will pay them a top dollars if they can figure out what exactly is going on since there’s many spooky things going on. The gang takes on the job, of course and that’s when the chaos begins! When the group arrives, they get a tour of the house by a local cop and that’s when they discover the Kaiser house has a dark past. As the night continues on, the viewers will see pure chaos! If you couldn’t tell this film is pretty much the adult, rated version of Scooby Doo. Just like Scooby Doo the ghost and monsters are fake but the crimes are real. Unlike Scooby Doo this group may get what they deserve and actually find real ghost and monsters!

There really isn’t anything special about the characters, they came off like a cliche’. Also for all the perverts out there whoever wondered if Freddy and Daphne ever hooked up, well in this film Chad (Freddy) and Gwen (Daphne) did. When it comes to the build up in this film, it was pretty good while I was watching it however, immediately after I finished the film I forgot about majority of it. It’s unfortunate that sometimes we all come across those films that are just forgetful and this film was definitely that for me.

The film’s soundtrack and kills are awesome, I have no complaints there. However, though this film is flawed, I enjoyed it while viewing it. Most likely, I will never watch it again, it’s a one time film for me so I will not purchase it on DVD. I enjoyed that the film was like a dark, bloody version of Scooby Doo however, it wasn’t enough!

Overall, I do recommend that you can at least check this film out once since it’s fun and has a pretty cool concept.

1/2 out 5 queen skulls!

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