Thursday, February 13, 2014

FILM -- Contracted

This film opens with an unknown man who is committing necrophilia in a morgue. It’s gross, it’s disturbing but it’s the film.

From there we go straight to the star of the film, the complicated waitress by day and party girl by night Samantha. Right away, we notice that Samantha is stressed and is going through relationship problems with her on-and-off-again girlfriend Nikki. While at a friend’s party one night, Samantha is stood up by Nikki. Poor Samantha! She’s feeling rejected, lonely and drunk and because of that she is slipped a ruff and raped by a man named BJ. We later find out that BJ is the same man who was getting it on with the corpse from the beginning of the film. The next morning, she wakes up with what she thinks is a hangover and decides to go on with her daily life. For the most part through the film, she tries to hold her life together as best as she can, which isn’t easy when her body is beginning to rot.

Besides from her crumbling relationship, she has an admirer–stalker in my opinion, who is desperately trying to have sexual relations with her, a Mother who doesn’t approve of her lifestyle and…well, the list goes on! In the beginning of the film we see that things aren’t good for her and as the film continues things get worse for Samantha. After her one night stand with with BJ, she believes she may have an STD since the bleeding in between her legs turns out to be more severe then her monthly period. But this STD is unlike anything any one has ever witnessed or at least lived to tell about. Samantha is turning into a zombie! How you ask? Well, there is something black and furry growing at the side of mouth, chunks of her hair is falling out, her nails are falling off–practically in people’s salads and on top of it all she has an appetite for human flesh. Zombie enough for you?

A film that starts off with necrophilia wants you to be completely disturbed. The director Eric England achieved his grotesque vision and something that is a complete plus is that he didn’t use any CGI! There is a usual format to zombie films that most directors take but Eric England reinvents the zombie films with pure horrific and disturbing nature. Throughout the film, Samantha is turning into a zombie, the film shows us there is something worse than zombie-infested death and it is what is happening to Samantha. There are plenty of taboos that are covered in this film even if it’s very subtle. The starring actress Najarra Townsend does an amazing job playing the character Samantha. While watching I felt sympathy towards Samantha because her world was crumbling a part even more. The film is simply about dying. Samantha was emotionally dying before her body was dying and she didn’t even realize it.

Overall, this film takes on a new zombie sub genre and I absolutely loved it! I definitely recommend it. I loved how it brought something new to the table, I never seen anything like it. It’s horror but it’s dramatic yet sad with comedic parts that will work your brain long after the film has ended. This film definitely shows that life isn’t the only journey but so is death.

In conclusion, use a condom or simply don't have unprotected sex with someone who had sex with a corpse.

4 out 5 queen skulls!