Monday, January 14, 2013

FILM -- Detention

Detention is an awesome movie directed by Joseph Kahn and was released sometime in 2011. Although the movie has a plot we ALL heard of before watching it, it is indeed diverse! I noticed with other people, they either REALLY liked it or HATED it. And I can totally understand why, but in my case, I adored it!

When the opening credits came on, I knew I'd loooove it! Anyhow! There's a killer on the loose in Grizzly Lake targeting teens at the local high school. BUT! It's not like just any ol' killer! This killer is Cinderhella! Cinderhella is a character in a popular horror movie franchise within the movie. Confused much? Well, don't be! There is the typical nerdy yet captivating main character, Riley, that is in love with her friend that her former best friend is stealing affections from. One day, Riley is messing around with committing suicide--since to her, this seems like the only way out. But she is interrupted by the fake Cinderhella whose trying to butcher her. Somehow, Riley manages to escape and tries to tell the police BUT of course, the cops don't believe her story. So the killer remains on the loose and under the radar.

There is plenty of teen drama that results to us jumping to it almost being prom night! YAY! Around that time within the movie, some awesome things are revealed! But I will NOT spoil it for you! THE LESS YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS FILM THE BETTER!

Just know that the director and writer crafted up something magnificent that a lot of average people may not like. Yes, average! This film has four films within ONE. There's horror, comedy, romance, blood, time travel, monsters, teen angst! It's PURE genius in my eyes.

There really is no clean cut classification for this film. At first I thought the film seemed liked your typical, campy slasher but I was so wrong! I was really unsure of what the director, Mr. Kahn, was aiming for, but he really did succeed beyond anyones expectations!

And again, the LESS you know the better. That is why I tried my best to not give away too much! Leave it a mystery, trust me...I KNOW THIS!

This film is ridiculous, clever and pure GENIUS! Needless to say, I absolutely LOVE it. 

I give it 4 out of 5 queen skulls!


  1. I only started watching this movie for Dane Cook. I tried to get all the way through but couldn't.

  2. Good review! Happy to hear this is worth-watching.

  3. Yeah I enjoyed this, too...much to my surprise!