Sunday, November 24, 2013

FILM -- Dorm

I checked out this Thai horror called Dorm, directed by Songyos Sugmakanan.

This film was made sometime in 2005 and released in 2006. The cover attracted me first, then the synopsis once I realized it was a ghost story! Not too sure if anyone realized this but I adore ghost stories! On with the review!

Chatree, a young boy forced to leave home because of a mysterious secret about his Father, is sent to an all boys preparatory school in the middle of the year. Plagued with an inner loneliness, he sinks into sadness. At first, he is unaware of rumors flying throughout the school about the headmistress, Miss Pranee. She has that whole icy, stern, coldhearted thing going on! Anyway, rumors circulate that the headmistress was involved in an accident where a young boy drowned. This incident supposedly happens before Chatree attends the school.

At the new school, Chatree attracts the attention of a few unkind a-hole boys looking to scare him with disturbing ghost stories. Later on that night while alone in the dormitory bathroom, Chatree revisits some of the horrifying tales stuck in his mind. Refusing to go to the bathroom alone, he urinates in his bed. Of course that opens up all the doors for Chatree to be ridiculed. Soon, the urine infested boy Chatree meets Vichien, a fellow classmate eager to Chatree him adjust to dorm life.

Though Chatree is unfamiliar with Vischie, they begin to form a strong friendship. The two boys even tackle solving the ghost haunting that is taking place in the school. This haunting includes continuous taps from the bathroom, doors opening and closing themselves, and so many other things! As Chatree and Vichien get closer to the answer, Chatree begins to realize that Vichien may know more about the ghost haunting in the well as the horrible tragedies that had occurred at the school.

Dorm is everything but scary. It's an incredibly intense film that has you gripping your seat. It's an emotional film, filled with suspense and moments where you'll laugh out loud. I'm a thug. I have been since my playground and training wheel days. But there were some parts of this movie where I was on the verge of teary eyeballs.

I thought that the director did a great job of balancing the emotion with the tension. Although it is an Asian horror, don't expect any long-haired ghost girls crawling backwards. I recommend this film but be sure YOU understand this isn't your average Asian horror clone. It's original, which is so hard to come by these days. Not only that but it's pretty much every positive thing that we've grown accustomed to no longer seeing!

I'm a glad I gave this film a shot, but I just hoped it would be more horrifying then dramatic. It did have some horrific elements but not enough for my taste! 

3 out 5 queen skulls!

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