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Friday, November 29, 2013Zena Horror

I can't be the only one who is dreading their high school reunion!
I don't have any regrets or am ashamed of who I've become. Actually, I believe I blossomed into more of an awesome person! What's really making me dread the reunion is more of seeing how other people changed after all these years. Particularly, if people have changed for the worst! That's definitely a horror movie waiting to be filmed! This leads me into the film Don't Go To The Reunion, which is Slasher Studios debut feature film.

It's the 10 year reunion of the class of 2004 of Hamilton High. Things are completely awkward and conversations are just as dry as ever. Ten years ago, a popular group of students led by the beautiful Erica Carpenter did a prank against a fellow student who was a die hard horror movie fan named Scott Rantzen. The prank goes completely sour since it pretty much destroys Scott's life. Now, ten years later at this special invitation only reunion, someone is back to make these former students pay! Of course, when strange things start to occur, it's too late for anyone to do anything about it or go anywhere!

This film has the classic 80s revenge slasher feel to it and emulates it well! I absolutely love the feel of this film. There are certain scenes that are a bit extra; however, it's so 80s, therefore I wasn't complaining! It seems like this film has a target audience: die-hard slasher film lovers, and I can definitely see why. There are plenty of sex scenes and nudity for all you perverts out there! And for all the gore lovers like myself, it seems like there are plenty of blood to go around! The actors and actresses did a decent job, yet there was one actress who just so happened to be the lead and she kind of got under my skin. Who, you may ask? Erica Carpenter! I believe you will definitely understand once you see it! A while back for Bloody-Disgusting, I did a list of 10 Annoying Horror Final Girls and Erica would have definitely been on that list!

Director Steve Goltz and writer Kevin Sommerfield definitely know how to capture the viewers attention in this film. If their goal was to create a gory slasher film that captured the 80s then I'd say that they succeeded 100%! And not only that, but they also know how to market their film! There's a special place in my heart for independent filmmakers who enjoy horror movies and successfully make their own original horror movie. I could definitely tell that the cast had a great time and was down to get bloody! And because of that, I'm reminded to give a suggestion to director Steve Goltz and writer and Kevin Sommerfield for your future films. I definitely think you should invite ME! That's always a wonderful suggestion!

This film was not perfect and of course it has it's flaws, but it was very enjoyable to watch! For me, I didn't get scared, but there were plenty of freaky yet memorable moments. There are also comedic parts as well that will definitely make you laugh out loud. I do recommend this to others! As far as it goes with my 10 year reunion, there weren't any lives that I know of that I ruined, but I still have to rethink if I'll attend!

3 out 5 queen skulls!

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