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06.23.2013 -- Weekend Box Office

Sunday, June 23, 2013Zena Horror

I was going to wait til tomorrow to put this up but I just thought "Hey, why NOT?!" I am, typing. Anyhow. World War Z came out on Friday and as you know, it had the BIGGEST budget ever given to a zombie movie! It's budget was about $190 million. Wow! I heard there was a script change and plenty of reshoots. Before this one, Zombieland was the highest grossing zombie movie in theaters with $75.5 million for the whole time it was in theaters.

Whelp! World War Z almost beat it out already and it's only it's FIRST weekend. How awesome is that? So far, it's at $66 million! At this rate, clearly it will earn more than enough.

I'll will post up my review/thoughts on World War Z tomorrow for my Madhouse Monday's!

It wasn't an instant classic for me but it was entertaining and that's all I ask. I'm a simple girl. I guess we all have The Walking Dead to thank for bringing a wider audience to zombies.

Though, some of us were ALREADY zombie fans! Ahem. Just saying!

Anyhow, here's the results for this weekend!

1. Monsters University – $82,000,000
2. World War Z – $66,000,000
3. Man of Steel – $41,215,000
4. This Is The End – $13,000,000
5. Now You See Me – $7,870,000
6. Fast & Furious 6 – $4,725,000
7. The Internship – $3,425,000
8. The Purge – $3,412,000
9. Star Trek Into Darkness – $3,000,000
10. Iron Man 3 – $2,175,000

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