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Orlando -- Raw Artist

Thursday, March 21, 2013Zena Horror

I had an opportunity to go to Raw Artist in Orlando about two weeks ago.

Raw Artist is an event for artists, filmmakers, designers, musicians and everything creative from the Orlando location! I was super EXCITED when I heard about it and had to go. Even though I had work in the morning, it was so worth it!!

I was able to meet sooo many awesome people with AMAZING talent! I took a lot of pictures, but I can't post everything so it was hard reducing my experience to these!

Asylum Fashion House by Katrina Koory
(Which was one of my favorites!)

Asylum Fashion House FaceBook
Official Website

Inverted Special Effects by Joshua Tripp!

Inverted Special Effects Facebook

Director Steven Shea
(He showed his short film, 2:22)

Steven Shea's Official Website
Watch his short film on FEARnet!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures from this awesome event and 
I definitely look forward to more events!

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