headless Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays !!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011Real Queen of Horror

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays! I'm thankful to you all for reading as well visiting RealQueenofHorror.com! I also would like to thank everyone else who makes horror possible in general, all the directors, writers, actors and so much more! Thank you for letting me become a part of the horror world! Be safe, enjoy this horrific holiday and stay creepy, my dears! :)

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  1. for Christmas eve , me and my father watched the Excorsism : The Beginning , perhaps i should make that into a family tradition hehe

  2. Happy Holidays, Real Queen Of Horror!

  3. @Tyler I hope your Christmas was awesome! I saw on Facebook pictures of you opening up some goodies you received!

    @LGH Happy Holidays to you as well Emma!

    @Occio Happy Holidays, my friend! :)

    @Reina I think that sounds like a very awesome family tradition! I hope you guys do as well.

    @Ty Happy Holidays! ^,^

  4. Thanks and i cant wait till next year , when we can do it again:)