Friday, September 7, 2018

Top 5 Reasons People Need TURBO KID

How can you list only FIVE reasons you need TURBO KID in your life? I have no idea. But this was the challenge I was presented with and I refuse to lose. Quite honestly, this is the worst thing I’ve done all week. Wish me luck.


If you are a gamer or at least nerd out from time to time, you need to watch this film. There are things in here like a strange Mega Man glove, a Viewmaster, cyberpunk outfits, retro sound effects, and iconic personalities played by new and seasoned talent. I screamed in glee a few times, but the sight of Zelda hearts indicating someone’s lifespan made me lose my voice. It’s a joy when a director (or, in this case, directors) can sneak in their personality in a way that enhances the story. You instantly feel the connection to them and their passion for what they want to convey.


Le Matos. I could just end with that and say no more, but I’ll be a responsible writer. This electronic band from Montreal set flames to my speakers. I play this album while I’m driving, and…well…while I’m not driving. They not only brought the post-apocalyptic world of TURBO KID to life, but they also provided humanity the instructions on how to make fire in sound form.


Bikes are cool, but they were the coolest for many of us when we were the snot-nosed brats cruising through the neighborhood and picking up fellow friends. Some people had the streamers on the handle bars; some had the beads on the wheels. Either way, you were cool if you had a bike, less cool if it didn’t fit your age or personality; but still cool. And for some odd reason, every kid was a mechanic. We all had that moment of turning the bike over to readjust the chain or inciting a house-to-house scavenger hunt for an air pump. Oh, the days.


Apple has to be one of the happiest girls in cinema. She brightens up any situation. For example, when I first watched TURBO KID, it was raining and I had just finished a long day of work. As soon as Apple appeared on screen, all of that irritation faded away. Even when death was standing right before the other characters, they couldn’t help but feed off her enthusiasm and prepare for a battle.


There is so much 80s and 90s nostalgia in TURBO KID that, honestly, it will take you some time to readjust to the current year after you watch it. The Kid (Munro Chambers) has a plethora of items he uses to fight his opponents; however, nothing stands out more than his glove, which embodies a mixture of the old Nintendo Power Glove and Mega Man’s arm piece. Skeletron (Edwin Wright) also brandishes a glove, but his ejects sharp, spinning disk that seeks to behead his target. And yet, the main stand out weapon is Apple’s Gnome Stick. It’s so cute, and the way she bashes people’s heads in with it makes me want it even more. Listen. I’m not a violent person, but if I had to choose a weapon, it would definitely be a gnome stick.

If you haven’t checked out RKSSTURBO KID, stop living your lame life and go check out the movie on Netflix. You will love me for it. And…I will love you back! I promise.

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