Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Is Blood Beach a Typical 1980s Monster Horror?


“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, you can’t get to it!”

Blood Beach...isn't that a cool title? Anyhow, Blood Beach was directed by Jeffrey Bloom and released sometime in 1981. Let’s dive right in! Ex-lovers or old friends Sergeant Harry Royko and Katherine are reunited when Katherine’s mother goes missing! Her mother was chasing after her dog when she was sucked into the sand while her dog helplessly, in terror watched, barking horribly. What a loyal little guy! Anyhow, more and more people are being attacked or disappear on the beach. Apparently, they’re being sucked into the sand without a trace. All of these tragedies are taking place on the shoreline of Santa Monica Beach, CA, which then begins to be known as "Blood Beach".

The local police are completely baffled and have no idea who or what could be committing these ridiculously, mysterious crimes. Over time, people are convinced that there is a creature beneath the ground, so the search for this creature begins! First, they dig up on the sand in hopes of finding someone or something that may be responsible or at least for the victims bodies. The search moves to the underground basement of a building that was demolished, Sergeant Royko and Katherine used to there as kids. They discover the creature that’s responsible for this attacks and disappearances.

Blood Beach isn’t a terrible movie but it has too many things that didn’t add up. An hour into the film, police Captain Pearson says how there have been over 60 reported sighting of this mysterious monsters. Well. There’s a lot of things wrong with that! As the viewer we haven’t seen it yet. Also, why would you all the public to keep on going to beach? Even if they have nothing else to do! That’s just a disaster waiting to happen with more and more attacks and disappearances. I’ll stop there to avoid spoilers!

When we actually do get to see this "monster", it’s only for like a minute and it looked like a glowing flower with petals and all. I wasn’t terrified, I was annoyed and horribly disappointed! This film is labeled as a monster movie and for a monster movie, there’s barely any monsters in it. People can try and say that the focus on this film is the mystery of it all. Whatever! This isn’t a mystery movie, it’s a monster movie therefore, I’d like to see some monsters! I knew this film was going to be dealing monster(s) that lived underground and because of that I was excited about it! It sounds similar to Tremors and that was an awesome movie! I’m sure that Tremors borrowed some ideas from this film but Tremors was much more entertaining and successful. But this whole film was far too drawn out and a complete waiting game. There were so many characters in this film who was frustrated about who or what could possibly be committing this crimes and I know this because they would state it….repeatedly. It was a drag.

Although this film had a great story line and entertaining characters due to awesome actors and actresses, I can’t recommend it. I, personally, wanted more from it or at least for the film to have a scarier, vicious looking monster and not one that looked like it belonged in a green house. It had a creepy idea going on but it disappointed me. Watch it if you must!

 2 out 5 queen skulls!

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