Wednesday, July 19, 2017

They’re Watching is a Fun, Gory Found Footage Feature

In the mood for a fun yet gory found footage horror?

When it comes to reality real estate TV shows, they can be something of a time sink. The found footage film They’re Watching taps into reality TV and peppers in some comedy for good measure. They’re Watching is the type of film where the less you know about it, the better, therefore I will attempt to be brief.

An artist named Becky is on a reality show similar to House Hunters International. She is in search of the perfect home within her limited budget. When she comes across a shabby cottage in Moldova she’s confident she can fix it up. Becky promises the crew of the show that they will all see a complete turnaround on this property. Six months later, the crew arrives to follow up on Becky’s cottage and immediately upon their return to the small town, the locals aren’t too pleased to see them. However the good news is that the host, Kate and the rest of the crew, Alex, Greg and Sarah, immediately notice that Becky’s cottage has been completely transformed.

They’re Watching is a horror-comedy that’s actually funny. It lures viewers in by convincing them that there isn’t any real danger until it’s too late. Although the film is low budget, and it employs the found footage filmmaking method, the dialogue is amazing and so is the tension. The picture dabbles in all types of genres, featuring a love story between crew members, a boss from hell, and angry towns people.

There are a couple of scenes that will make you roll eyes and mumble under your breath, however those are few and far between and the film is still highly enjoyable. The characters are likable but you may not have sympathy for any of them. I found myself mostly amused by the boss from hell. Some of her dialogue made me laugh out loud. My only real issue with the film is the ending, although it was an amazing build up it the final moments kind of reminded me of made-for-SyFy film.

Overall, I really enjoyed They’re Watching. It is filled with revenge, violence, and plenty of over-the-top gore. For those that like their horror splattery, I believe you may appreciate this film. This film is currently streaming on Netflix so treat yourself!

 4 out 5 queen skulls!

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