Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Love Witch is a Visual Modern Feminist Horror Tale

My thoughts on Anna Biller's visually modern feminist horror tale The Love Witch!

The Love Witch follows a young, beautiful witch named Elaine who is determined to find her perfect man. Elaine uses witchcraft in order to get men to fall in love with her. Unfortunately, Elaine's spells and potions to seduce men are way too strong and turns the men weak and needy. Naturally, she can't be with the men so she kills them. Before watching The Love Witch, I thought the film was set in the late 60s or early 70s. I started to notice modern elements within the first scene. At first I was a bit confused, but then I started to appreciate the two time periods. If the film was set in modern times, I'm not too sure if it would have worked.  
Although The Love Witch's storyline is very straight forward, it's a beautiful film. Anna Biller wrote, directed, designed and composed this film. I'm so impressed with Anna and I'm definitely looking forward to more of her films. The way Anna made use of the clothing, makeup and all the details throughout this film is truly amazing. I especially enjoyed the closeup shots along with the music. The lead actress who played Elaine (Samantha Robinson) gave an amazing performance. Beyond the visuals, this film has so much to offer due to the fact that it explores femininity and sexuality. This is one of the best films I've checked out this year because I watched this film at least four months ago and it's still on mind.

Overall, I recommend The Love Witch because I really enjoyed this movie due to its vision on feminism and dark comedy. The film is beautifully shot and the art design is luxurious and flawless. The apartment that Elaine moves into is an alluring Gothic space with Victorian furniture and Pagan elements throughout the space. If you love artistic movies or strong aesthetic thriller horrors with a feminist aura, this one is definitely for you!

The Love Witch isn't going to be for everyone and that's the joy about people's taste. Just don't let it stop you from watching this film at least once.
 4 out 5 queen skulls!

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