Thursday, April 27, 2017

The House on Skull Mountain is a Supernatural Blaxploitation Horror

A horror film, an all-black cast, a haunted house AND voodoo? Yes, please!

A rich woman by the name of Pauline Christophe appears to have everything anyone could ever want; a gorgeous house on top of a mountain. So what if the mountain looks like a skull! The woman has money, class, a devoted housekeeper, a groundskeeper, and respect from her community, regardless if that respect comes from fear due to the rumors of her supernatural powers. Pauline's life is coming to an end and while on her deathbed she begins to think about her family. Although Pauline never met any of them before, she decides to send out four letters to her living relatives in order to gather them to her Christophe estate. Unfortunately, before her grandchildren arrive, Pauline dies, clutching onto a voodoo doll.

The first family member we meet is the beautiful and elegant Lorena Christophe, who is driving her classic convertible on a swervy mountain road, listening to some tunes. After nearly being knocked off the road, Lorena decides to pull over to the shoulder of the road to take a breather. Lorena steps out of her car and notices the clear, sunny sky disappear as she looks at Christophe estate. The sky is gray and there's boisterous thunder. Once Lorena arrives to the house, she makes it just in time for the final part of Pauline's funeral. The only two in attendance is the housekeeper Louette and the groundskeeper Thomas. Lorena notices that someone has scattered broken glass on a nearby grave in order to keep the evil spirits away. Clearly, it doesn't work because a crow flies by and drops a mysterious small totem that bursts in flames right in front of Louette. As the viewer, I wasn't too sure what that meant; however, an item which bursts into flames doesn't sound like something good.

The next family member we meet is Phillippe. He is also the one who almost ran Lorena off the road with no regrets. Phillipe is a sly talking man who is completely full of himself and has no respect for women.

We also meet Harriet, a soft spoken woman full of class. While on her plane, she sees someone or something in a hood staring at her.

Once the three are settled, the lawyer Mr. Leroux arrives to read a letter and will from their Grandmother Pauline. Mr Leroux reads the dark letter from Pauline which leaves them all uncomfortable. Then he notices Christopher is missing.

Mr. Leroux states that he will return in one week to read the will so they can all hear it together. Not too long after Mr. Leroux arrives, their fourth cousin Dr. Andrew Cunningham arrives. He is a white professor of anthology with an emphasis on voodoo. I know what you're thinking, someone in this family doesn't fit in. Yup, it's Phillippe! His cousins are intelligent and full of class. What the heck happened to him? Right after some racial tension from Phillippe towards Andrew, the four decide to turn in for the night and that's when all the creepy things occur. The House on Skull Mountains features strong performances, awesome voodoo sequences and plenty of supernatural events to keep you well entertained.

Janee Michelle, who plays Lorena, steals the movie for me due to her amazing outfits and subtle accessorizing. Victor French does a great job portraying how strong Andrew is. What I found interesting is the chemistry between Lorena and Andrew, regardless of them being related. Mike Evans does a great job displaying how much a douche Phillippe is. It's interesting to observe because Mike Evans normally plays positive, bright characters. My only negative thing about the film is that within the first 10 minutes you know exactly who the villain is.

Overall, I recommend The House on Skull Mountains. Although it doesn't offer anything innovative, it has enthusiasm and sophistication.

out 5 queen skulls!

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