Monday, February 15, 2016

7 of the Fiercest Black Women in Horror Films

Happy Black History Month and Women in Horror Month!
I originally wrote this but I love you so enjoy.

What do all the women below have in common? They are far from the average scream queen. Growing up watching horror films, I didn’t see many black women in horror and often wondered why. Whenever I would see black women in horror features, their characters were either stereotypical in the most offensive way or the sidekick to a Caucasian friend…or even sometimes…both! There are all types of black women in life, so why are we relegated to bit parts and sidekick roles in most horror films? To remedy that, I have decided to showcase 7 examples of fierce black women in horror films. Why? Because I’m quite fierce myself! Just kidding….kind of.

Miranda Grey – Gothika
Sure, we all thought she was crazy; however, Miranda proved us all wrong by seeking justice in the most bloody and violent way on her own husband. And as it turns out, she wasn’t even a little bit crazy.

Lorena Christophe – The House on Skull Mountain
Her family members were dying left and right around her, but somehow Lorena still managed to look fabulous and keep her cool through all the distress!

Rita Veder – Vampire in Brooklyn
Detective Rita Veder was always a night owl and feared she was going crazy like her mother when in reality, she was half vampire! Guys, I’m a night owl minus the crazy. Could I be a half vampire?

Diana ‘Sugar’ Hill – Sugar Hill
Sugar was madly in love with her boyfriend and would do anything for him, even kill. A strong woman that is willing to do anything for her significant other regardless of the body count is a force to be reckoned with in my book!

Alexa Woods – AVP: Alien vs. Predator
Not only did Alexa lead a group of scientists in an expedition through Antartica, she was the only human left to kill an alien! Strength, beauty,and brains. She has it all!

Jeryline – Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight
In this cult classic, Jeryline is the definition of survivor. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind nor kick a serious amount of ass, both of which she did!

Selena – 28 Days Later
Selena did absolutely anything to survive the zombie apocalypse, even if that meant killing off a close friend or enduring a bloodbath. She was a truly impressive character and has even been showcased on as a noteworthy heroine of horror.

Who would be on your Top 7 Fiercest Black Women in Horror Films?

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