Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Top 5 Asian Horror Films

I absolutely love Asian horror films, want to know my favorites?

Sometimes when people ask me what's my favorite horror film it's always difficult to answer simply because it depends on which kind. Of course, I'm able to answer with whatever comes to my mind in a general sense but horrors I adore usually depends on the sub-genre. My favorite horror films tend to have a unique/strong story line, gory and often times I find that the films are usually Asian. If a film is all three then that's a double high five!

Asian horror films get to me psychologically which I absolutely love. American horror films usually do not have that affect on me. Most of the Asian horror films I come across involve dark stories that hatch from Asian myths and cultures which helps create a unique/strong story line. I know there are plenty of Asian horrors that seem weird at first but after we learn about their beliefs/culture it's makes more sense. Their beliefs/cultures are rooted into the history in their countries which makes the film so much creepier. As far as it goes visually, I'm sure we all are familiar with "the long-haired ghost" as seen in Ringu (The Ring). At first it was unfamiliar to Western audiences so naturally it scared many people.

Overall, I really enjoy watching Asian horror films, it inspires me as a filmmaker and a writer. If you're looking to broaden your international horror I say look into Asian horror films!

Here are my TOP 5 Asian Horror:

The Maid - (Singapore) 2005

A young, naive, innocent woman named Rosa arrives in Singapore to work as a domestic maid during the seventh month on Chinese calendar. That just so happens to be around the time where the gates of hell open and the dead rise to work the earth. Unfortunately for Rosa she never believed in the supernatural and breaks the rules of the seventh month one by one. As a result she will have to pay a price for ignorance.

The Dorm - (Thailand) 2006

A troubled boy named Ton is sent by his father to a boarding school to get a better education. Once there, his classmates tease him with scary ghost stories about a young boy who drowned in the swimming pool and a girl who committed suicide. Due to hearing that story, Ton finds it hard to concentrate but soon he befriends Vichien and things are looking up...or are they?! *dramatic music & thunder strikes!*

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Ju-On: The Grudge - (Japan) 2002

A mysterious and revengeful pursues anybody who dares enter the house in which it resides. This film is best known for the creepy dead girl with long hair. Oh and let's not forget the pale little ghost boy with his tighty-whiteys on. My rule to live by: if the property had a homicide, you should stay away unless you want to die.

Dream Home - (Hong Kong) 2010

Cheng La-sheung comes from a life of hardships and after saving for the perfect apartment she finally has enough to live her dream! Well...that is until the homeowners decide not to sell Cheng her dream home! As a result she snaps and decides to go to extreme lengths to get what she wants. This film has an amazing story line and outrageous gore that actually works together perfectly!

A Tale of Two Sisters - (Korean) 2003

A gory, supernatural horror? Always a yes! This film is a modern take on a popular Korean fairy-tale, The Story of Rose Flower and Red Lotus. This film may be confusing the first time around, so I highly recommend you check it out a second time around to figure it out!

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What would be on your TOP 5 Asian Horror Films?

Feel free to share!

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