Wednesday, April 29, 2015

FILM -- All Hallows' Eve

An anthology horror flick?? Yes, please!

All Hallows' Eve is an anthology film directed by Damien Leone and it involves a babysitter and her two young children she's babysitting being terrorized by an old VHS tape and a clown, which all are all linked together.

In a nut shell, while watching two children on Halloween night, a babysitter finds an old VHS tape in the kids trick or treat and decides to watch it with the children. Isn't she a terrible babysitter?? Anyhow, the tape features three tales of horror that are all linked together by a ridiculous clown. As the night continues on strange things begin to happen in the house. And from then on, it isn't long before the babysitter learns the dreadful truth; the mad clown is gradually working his way into her reality!

Although this film is an anthology film, it begins with kids who went trick or treating and some loser slipped an old dusty videotape into one of the kid's bag. When kids return home, despite Sarah, babysitter's concerns that the tape may contains something gross or creepy, the kids insist on wanting to watch it. Being the worst babysitter EVER, she gives in and allows the kids to watch the tape, especially after one of the kids get snippy with her. Which is EXACTLY why I could never be a babysitter but whatever!

The first story is "The 9th Circle", which I recently found out is available on YouTube! It's a about young girl who is waiting in a darkened train station when a creepy clown shows up. The clown stares at her, smiles at her, honks his horn at her and even gives her a flower...with a bug in it. Fast forward, he drugs her, she wakes up chained in the basement of the train station with two other women. Eventually, the demonic creatures murder the other two of the other girls and unfortunately for the final girl she is about to raped by what appears to be a lumpy-headed-Devil-monster with smoke coming out of his mouth.

The second one, which didn't have a title, features a woman living in the middle of nowhere in her brand new home when starts to experience strange occurrences. Later on, it's revealed that she's being stalked creepy aliens. The clown really isn't featured in this one unless you count a random painting of the clown we see briefly when the woman was being dragged off by the aliens. This one was my least favorite and I didn't think it fit at all with the rest of the film. Perhaps, the director is just a fan of alien abductions thought it would be awesome to throw that in..

The final segment features a college student who driving down an isolated road and she has to stop for gas. When she arrives at the gas station she finds the gas attendant who is ticked off at someone for smearing feces all over the bathroom Very random and gross! As always, I'll stop right there to avoid spoilers. Back to the terrible babysitter, she's completely sucked into the VHS tape...maybe it's the clown that she's watching since the children are tucked into bed asleep. I have no idea why she would continue to watch the film since she looked completely turned off by it BUT ok!

Overall, I really like anthology films and I feel if you're a fan of them...why not check this one out? I loved how this film has an old school feel to it, especially with the music in it. This film has a creepy tone to it but it just wasn't scary. However, perhaps younger horror films will find it scary. My major issue with this film is that there are many things in the film that try to be tied together but it just doesn't fit at all. Maybe if the clown was actually creepy then the whole film would have been actually scary!

I have a lot of respect for the filmmaker, Damien Leone simply because he's an independent filmmaker who started on YouTube. Kudos, Mr. Leone! I feel like this film deserves a look!

Still unsure? Maybe the trailer can help you!

out 5 queen skulls!

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