Saturday, January 17, 2015

Upcoming TV Shows -- iZombie

Woo-hoo, noodle-brain soup, yum!!

The creator of Veronica Mars, Rob Thomas comes iZombie! When I first heard of the upcoming show I was just like "Blah...whatever!" But once I found out it was created by Mr. Rob I decided to at least watch the trailer of the show and I'm glad I did! Plus, if you guys didn't know I used to be so in love with Veronica Mars. You just don't understand...I wanted to be her! Hopefully, Mr. Thomas doesn't cancel this one!

Check out the trailer below where it reveals the show being about a partially living, dead medical student who works in coroners office. She can absorb the memories of the dead by eating their brains!

The show will premiere on Tuesday, March 17th and it will be on The CW, duh! (Peep the picture above!)

Enjoy the trailer below!

Will you be tuning in on March 17th?

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