Thursday, October 2, 2014

FILM -- El Monstro Del Mar!

I recently watched the Australian horror El Monstro Del Mar! (The Monster of the Sea)!

The film was directed by Stuart Simpson and it starts out as a black and white homage to Russ Meyer's Faster, Pussycat! Kill Kill! We are then introduced to three, buxom, tattoo infested, dangerous beauties; Beretta, Snowball and Blondie. The three ladies are out cruising in the middle of nowhere on a sunny day when they have some car trouble. Lucky for the ladies, a couple of local guys quickly comes to their rescue and suggest after their car is all fixed that they go swimming at a secluded spot. [SPOILER ALRERT!] Unfortunately for the guys, they endure a blood bath due to these three lady killers! [/SPOILER ALRERT!] Fast forward, the girls arrive at a seaside town located on Victoria's Port Phillip Bay and decide to cool down in the water and par-TAY!

One of the locals, an old, crippled fisherman named Joseph warns the girls to stay out of the water! Of course...they ignore him and continue to live it up in the water, splashing around. And due to their carefree partying and rock & rock music they awaken a sea creature. Joseph's seventeen year old granddaughter, Hannah is drawn to the trio and their bad behavior. So, now the FOUR girls party all night long together in a house near the water while the creature is lurking! The next morning things are normal until Beretta and Blondie realize that Snowball has gone missing. So, Beretta and Blondie begin to search for Snowball and they discover the mangled body parts of a random local fisher man. But no sign of their good ol' pal Snowball! Oh and Hannah ran up to room to get the melted makeup off her face.

As always, I'll stop right there to avoid spoilers! There were a couple of things I didn't care for with this film which was the acting and the script. The girls in the film are obviously gorgeous however, their acting skills aren't really the best but I've seen worse. As far as it goes with the script, there were certain scenes that lingered a bit too much, particularly the party scene. It had to be one of the longest scenes in the film and honestly, I'm too sure what the point of it was. Or at least why the scene was a long as it was. However, the start of the film was very entertaining as well as the ending so it's clear that Mr. Simpson knows how to start a film as well as end one! 

Overall, I liked El Monstro Del Mar! It was well made for a B-rated horror. I recommend this film to you if you're a fan of B-rated horrors or creature films!

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Enjoy the trailer below! 

3 out 5 queen skulls!

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