Monday, January 13, 2014


I'm finally recovered from that awful cold! Let's ROLL!!! V/H/S is one of those found footage, horror anthologies compiled from the works of different directors.

At first I thought this film was going to have three stories tops, but there were five different stories. Things start off with "Tape 56" directed by Adam Wingard. In it, a group of guys with nothing else to do are hired to break into an old man's house to find a VHS tape. The person who wants them to do it is a mystery. Once they get in, the house is deserted, except for upstairs where a dead man sits in an armchair facing the glowing TV. He is surrounded by a load of unmarked VHS tapes. You would think that these group of guys would leave after seeing a dead body and all, but they don't. One of the guys remains in the room while the rest of the guys search the house and basement for the tape.

The one who stays back begins playing the tapes piled up in front of the TV. The first tape, "The Signal", is about three douche bag guys who use eyeglasses with cameras to scope women out. The guys are at a bar when they pick up two women and head back to a motel. One of the women clearly has something off about her. She stares at the camera with her big, creepy eyes and often whispers to one of the guys "I like you." This one was my favorite. I thought it was extremely scary! After this one, I thought I was going to fall head over heels in love with this movie. Next one up, "Second Honeymoon", is about a young couple's trip to the Grand Canyon. They soon run into a mysterious stranger. I thought this one was gong to be predictable, but it surprised wasn't. I suppose the big SHABANG is at the end.

The next one is "Tuesday the 17th". College kids take a day trip to the woods where a creature comes to life through a glitchy video. This one had a pretty cool storyline; however, I did want more from it. The next one, "The Strange Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Young", is about Skype conversations between a scared college student who hears weird things at night while her boyfriend is away at medical school.There are intense moments in this one that I think are unique. The film concludes with "10/31/98", in which friends get lost on their way to a Halloween party and find themselves going to the wrong house at the wrong time. This one was my least favorite and I felt that it lacked a lot of things, like making sense for one. The other lack-buster in it was the scariness. I just sat there with my sleepy eyes on.

My favorite one was The Signal. I loved that it was shot with a camera that was inside a pair of glasses worn by one of the actors. This film is completely creepy and I would have loved if this story was a full movie! Overall, this film was okay! I did want more from it and felt slightly disappointed when I saw it since it had so much hype. It's unfortunate that I wasn't deep in love with it like many other people. I do recommend it to people who haven't seen this film; then again, you only need to see it once!

2 out 5 queen skulls!

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