Wednesday, December 25, 2013

FILM -- Silent Night, Deadly Night

"Christmas Eve is the scariest night of the year!"

Tis the season! I know many people don't associate horror movies with Christmas; however, I go by the Real Queen of Horror for a reason. Duh! I'm pretty sure they're probably watching Home Alone, Scrooge, Miracle on 34th Street...the list can go on! As for me, it's always a great time for horror movies. So of course, it's only fitting that I watched Silent Night, Deadly Night this's a perfect time for a review! Silent Night, Deadly Night was directed Charles E. Sellier Jr. (RIP) and was released on November 9th, 1984.

This film is known for being one of the most controversial movies of the 1980's. Picture this, when it was released, religious groups, parents and pretty much everyone else who needed something to complain about were horrified that there was a Santa Claus that killed people. If I was around back then, I would have saw it as creative and definitely would have wanted to check it out. In some ways, if there was a Santa Claus, I think he would have went on a killing spree...eventually. I absolutely LOVE kids, but truth needs to be told! Santa Claus's JOB is to listen to kids all year around telling him what they want and they expect to get it, no matter what. Anyhow, sadly, this film only got a very limited release, and what was released in the theaters was watered down. A few years later, the film got a proper DVD release and the uncut version was available with all its gorey-LICIOUS awesomeness.

The film begins with a young boy named Billy (such a creative name! *sarcasm*!) who is traveling home with his parents and baby brother after visiting his grandfather in the nursing home. They stop at night, in the middle of nowhere with NO one around except a man in a Santa Claus suit who is having car trouble.  The man in the Santa suit is actually a killer who murders Billy's parents, while Billy moves his little legs as fast as he could, hiding behind bushes escaping! From then on, Billy and his younger brother grows up in an orphanage.

Every Christmas, Billy is still terrified of not only Santa, but Mother Superior, the nun who runs the orphanage and often wants to teach Billy a lesson. We skip to 10 years later and Billy grows up, landing a job at a local toy store right around Christmas time! Of course, everything is fine until the boss makes him dress up as Santa Claus. There is something that causes him to snap and from then on, he goes on a killing spree punishing anyone who has been naughty. 

The opening of the film pretty much sets the tone on what to expect throughout the whole film, which is awesome! I absolutely loved the intro. The special effects were well done, especially for its time. And the budget was about $750,000. The acting is pretty good, except for 18 year-old Billy. He only had a few lines, but it came off a bit corny with him just shouting "Punishment!" Maybe other people found it eerie or entertaining, I found it distracting. However, I did feel bad for Billy. He came off sympathetic.

Overall, this film isn't perfect, but I loved Silent Night, Deadly Night. It's creepy and very entertaining! I think it's a very underrated cult classic. Enjoy your holiday by checking out this film.

4 out 5 queen skulls!


  1. Thanks for telling people about this film. I love it, and it deserved much better than it got.

  2. One of my all time favorite xmas movies. I watched it about 4 times this year. I also liked Silent Night, Deadly Night 2.. after they got past all the flashbacks of the first film.