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TOP 10 Underrated Horror Performances

Monday, March 19, 2012Zena Horror

We all have our favorite horror performances! We enjoy their well known status and give them their well deserved props. However! I notice there are plenty of horror performances that don't get nearly enough love! Of course, it can happen for plenty of reasons! Maybe the movie did horrible and not enough people watched it, so when you point out someone's performance in that movie, no one cares or no one knows what you're talking about! And it can happen for various reasons. But sometimes the film can be a huge a success for that year or the next 20 years--making it a cult classic later. Due to that, certain actors'/actresses' performances are outshined.

Anyway! Here are 10 performances that I feel haven’t received the credit they deserve. I wanted the focus to be on actors performances--so if you thought that film kinda blowed, well then, think back or watch the actors performance instead! Most likely, there are probably roles in here that get a fair amount of credit in the horror community but may be ignored beyond the horror world. No specific order!

10. Joe Spinell as Frank Zito in Maniac
I didn't really dig the movie Maniac too much but I can respect Joe Spinell's creation and role! He was a real creepy, sleaze bag who stalked women then killed them brutally. *SPOILER* He scalped the women and slapped the top of the hair/head on a mannequin in his grungy apartment. Mr. Spinell's performance impressed clown serial killer John Wayne Gacy so much, that he requested that he play him in a biopic! Sadly, Joe Spinell passed away in 1989 when he bled to death after accidentally cutting himself during a heart attack. May he RIP.

9.) Desmond Harrington as Jack Ferriman in Ghost Ship
I know a lot of people hated this film but I really liked it. He surprised me in this film, a must see!

8.) Nick Damici as Mister in Stake Land
I thought he did a great job! He was mysterious yet very affective in this film.

7.) Naomie Harris as Selena in 28 Days Later
Not only was she strong but she was a straight up beast and was quick to attack anyone and I mean ANYONE who was infected with the virus!

6.) Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs. Carmody in The Mist
She aggravated my life throughout this of course, if she had that affect, she definitely needed to be on the list!
5.) Bobby Rhodes as Tony the Pimp in Demons
A powerful pimp in a movie I consider a classic! "You look like you afraid of breakin things... like this!" Need I say more?

4.) Louis Tripp as Terry in The Gate
This movie used to really creep me out when I was younger! I know that a lot of people remember Stephen Dorff being in this film but what about the kid who played his friend? Louis Tripp aka Terry! That whole eyeball in his palm thing was very disturbing!

3.) Ty Burrell as Steve Marcus in Dawn of the Dead
I loved this remake of Dawn of the Dead because it was what a remake was supposed to be! Anyhow, Mr. Burrell in my opinion, stole the show! His performance was phenomenal and I wanted more of him!

2.) C├ęcile De France as Marie in Haute Tension or High Tension
I'm not too sure if people seen this movie because whenever I mention it, they say they haven't! need to!

1.) Jennifer Carpenter as Angela Vidal in Quarantine
I'd seen her in other movies/shows and she never really stuck out to me--that is until I saw this movie Quarantine! I loved her acting in this movie. Awesome job!

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you feel like I missed someone? Let me know by voicingghg your opinion below!

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