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MY WEDDING DAY -- Real Queen of Horror, THE BRIDE!

Saturday, December 08, 2012Zena Horror

I'm usually a very private person BUT I had to share why I've been MIA!

I got married on December 2nd! I married my boyfriend of 5 years. He proposed on Halloween last year, since he knows Halloween is my absolutely FAVORITE holiday. Fast forward, we thought December 2nd would be a perfect day because 5 years ago on that very same day he asked me to be his girlfriend, so why not?

To a lot of people's surprise, I was a very traditional bride...though I had my Bridezilla moments. Regardless, my dress was white, my Dad walked me down the aisle...etc. There were no zombies popping out scaring people...though I wish that I would have had that done after more thought! We had a great day shared with our families and friends. My ONLY regret is that I wish I would have had the opportunity to be on Bridezilla! I think I would have made an awesome addition and a lot of the previous girls definitely would have been put to shame. :P

I didn't walk down the aisle with rollers in...

I wont't post up all the pictures, clearly, but here's a few. I didn't hire a videography because I feel like I'm pretty snazzy at editing videos! So, I just gave out some cameras to people who are good with them and told them to record everything they possibly could. And now I have all the footage and that should keep me busy for a while! Maybe I'll put the video when I'm done. ^_^

Anyhow! That was just my quick update!

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