Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Top 5 Worst Horrors of 2015

Holy fried hot dogs, GUISE! 
It's almost 2016 !!!

Another year of horror has passed us by so let's take a look back at the forgettable horrors released in 2015 that didn't make my heart sing for joy! As always, feel free to get offended since it's strictly my opinion!

I did my Top Horrors of 2015, you can check it out on! (You're welcome!) 


You ever watch a movie that's so bad you want to send it to hell? Like, literally pack all of the copies into a box and ship it to hell. Well, that's what happened to me when I saw this catastrophe. A villain running around in a pirate blouse with a noose is supposed to scare people? Yeah, OK. I'm SO glad I didn't go to the theaters to see this one.  Read my review here!


It took me 4 days to watch this movie because I kept falling sleep on it. I get it...this film wanted to tackle the social issues such as bullying, suicide and self image. I'm all for putting the message out there, however how is a ghost dressed in Hot Topic attire who uses self hurt to hurt others supposed to help? The ghost Moira could have been awesome but instead her back story was weak and she was corny.


This sequel is boring, slow and forgetful. The scares are nonexistent and the plot is watered down. The only clear scene I remember involves someone who is so called dead and their shoe left behind. Just because a shoe is left behind doesn't mean they're dead.


I had so much hope for this but I was ultimately disappointed. A horror about wicked trick-or-treaters tormenting a teen home alone sounds awesome, right? Unfortunately Hellions is repetitive, empty and simply isn't scary. Plus what's up with all the pink? I appreciate the director Bruce McDonald (Ponytpool), however this one was a flop. Read my review here!


As you all know, I'm all for independent horror films, there's always a special place in my heart for them. With that being said, Muck sucked. There is NO story line and the characters didn't have personalities they were just dirty, naked and oily. The director should be ashamed himself because it's horror films like THIS that make ALL horror films look bad. Read my review here!

B   O  N  U  S 


I'm tiiiiired! Those are the two words when I think about this film and the series. I'm all for comedy horrors but this is getting ridiculous. Who keeps investing? Well, whoever it is they should just literally flush the money down the toilet! Or why not just drop the filming funds off at my doorstep? I promise I'll donate some of it to a charity. Also Ian Ziering and his dramatic eye brows REALLY need to calm down.

N O T    Q U I T E    H O R R O R 


This film is supposed be a thriller, mystery, thriller as in shocker, mystery as in puzzle. This filmed lacked suspense and lacked originality. The Boy Next Door is one of over one hundred films like it. If you were to watch the trailer without any sound guaranteed you'd know everything thing that's happening and going to happen. You'd probably be better off skipping out on the movie because at least you wouldn't have to listen to Jennifer Lopez's stale voice.

What would be on your TOP 5 Worst Horrors of 2015?

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