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Zena, Real Queen of Horror and Ashlee, Graveyard Shift Sisters discuss different horror themes and horror films monthly. 

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Episode 1: 5 Worst Horror Films Of 2014 & Bones (2001)
Episode 2: 2014 Film Recap & The Faculty (1998)
Episode 3: Dolls in Horror Films & Gallowwalkers (2012)
Episode 4Voodoo & A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014)
Episode 5: Creepy Kids & Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus (2014)
Episode 6: Witches in Horror Films & Inferno (1980)
Episode 7: Back to School Horrors You Should Check Out & Venom (2005)
Episode 8: Our Halloween Traditions & Night of the Demons (1988)
Episode 9: Our Horror Confessions & Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)
Episode 10: From Victims to Villains & A Christmas Horror Story (2015)
Episode 11: Our Best + Worst of 2015 & When Animals Dream (2015)
Episode 12: Blaxploitation Horrors & Valentine (2001)
Episode 13: Horror at the Oscars & The Witch (2016)
Episode 14: Comedy in Horror & Hush (2016)


5 – Blacker than Blacula

A horror film with an almost all or entirely Black cast that commonly deals with issues within the African diaspora.

4 – Demon Knight Jada Pinkett

A horror film with an almost even cast of diverse characters where a character of color has their own story, takes on a significant leadership role, and can in the end, be victorious/the survivor.

3 – Sleepy Hollow Season 2

A horror film with a relatively mixed cast with so much promise, yet instead would rather regulate characters of color to supporting/background roles while the white, main characters are at the core.

2 – Kincaid Token Factor

A horror film that told itself, 'Oh! Let's add a Black character' that adds nothing to the story except to maybe help the white, main character(s) but be nothing but a slighty to infuriating stereotype.

1 – Whiter than the 2015 Oscars

A horror film with virtually no characters of color. Maybe background players as civil servants if we're lucky.